Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This journal entry is about blah. What makes an article interesting and what makes it blah? What makes art interesting and what makes it blah? To a certain extent it is up to who is viewing or reviewing the oeuvre. If the audience is only experiencing an oeuvre with an uneducated or ignorant eye than any piece can be considered bland, plain, or uninteresting.

In terms of art I believe that it is the story behind the artpiece that makes the work captiviating or intriguing. History or an explaination can give an artwork a whole new dimension, a way of looking at something unknown. For example, when the Rubell's gave their talk they mentioned Jeff Koons and his plastic blow up flower in their Miami collection. This flower viewed at first sight may make the spectator wonder exactly what the concept behind the flower is? Is it abstract art? What type of statement is Mr. Koons trying to convey? Is that really a plastic flower?

Without supplemental information, a story, or an explaination the plastic flower demonstrates to me what Jeff Koons is known for, defying traditional high art. However, the story behind the flower is much more than a simple revolt. One night a few years past, the Rubells had an opening ceremony. The ceremony lasted until the wee hours of the morning. As they wrapped up the night and were getting ready for bed. A knock on the door startled them. Who was wrap tap tapping at the door? Why it was Jeff Koons! Jeff Koons had missed the party and wanted to begin a party of his own. The Rubells stayed awake and spoke with the artist until the sun rose and night was gone.

The night turned in to an unplanned magnificent evening. To thank the Rubells for their hospitality, Mr. Koons offered a flower as a token of his appreciation. The flower then entered the collection in the once DEA drug warehouse.



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