Friday, April 13, 2007

Culture Wars

Cultural wars can be the result of clashes between countries, ethinicity, and yes of areas of study or interest. My cultural war is between my two nationalities. I have always believed that my artistic sense and philisophical outlook has been provoked by my french nationality. On the otherhand I think my ideas for writing come from a compromise between my struggle of being a mut. Yes, I use the term mut to describe my two polar opposite nationalities. Although, I may get my artistic sense from my French background, I also believe that I get my business sense from the states. Maybe this explains the fact that I once was a pre-finance major, worked for a stock brokerage firm for two years, and dreamed of living in New York as a stock broker. However, one day while washing the dishes I decided to pick up all that I could fit in two suitcases and move to France, for good. Little did I find out how essential it is for a person to get degrees in the USA (if they have the opportunity, that is). The french educational system is a tough one, but a nurishing one. Never had I felt like a grad student while still placed at the undergrad status. Two exams a year that can make you or break you. Juries that interrogate you until you can't possibly explain more about 19th century literature and post-modernism. The french educational system at the collegiate level is nothing more than grad school in disguise of an undergraduate program. How much you ask? About $450 for the entire school year. God bless America and it's accessibility to intelligence!


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