Monday, June 21, 2010

SUP and Sharks

So yesterday was my second time on an SUP and I decided to take myself (and by beau) for an outing on the Atlantic Ocean. Crystal clear turquoise to the bottom of the ocean floor. I get about 10 minutes out and 100 yards from the shoreline when I believe the experience is hightening to the best possible peak. Three large gray forms come swimming towards my board and under it when I realize these are not the mammals I have had a lifetime infatuation for, they are sharks.

They are around 4-5ft in length and big enough to make me scream 3 times out to my beau who is also about 100 yards in front of me. It is hot, the sky is blue, and the ocean beneath has what seem to be 3 tiger sharks patrolling the water. My body begins to what I think is fight or flight mode, and rather just stiffens. As I begin to analyze the situation close my eyes and finish screaming my beau's name at the end of the third time, I look down and they are gone. We head into shore and there it is I have finally had that encounter I waited for out in the water surfing. I always imagined it and yet now I am proud and my fear of sharks has just dropped 2 notches.

Happy SUPing :)


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